Ice Cube Trays, Easy Release Ice Cube Mould 37 Cubes per Tray for Beverages, Juice

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Easy-Release Silicone Ice Cube Trays With Lids

The ice tray with a lid allows your refrigerator to free up more space and stacks easily; you can fill the tray with water, milk, juice, fruit or anything you like, gently cover the lid, and stack Put it in your refrigerator

Release Easily

Super easy release with minimal twisting. Users can refill partially empty trays, not all or nothing. Tray size produces smaller cubes, but more of them at a time.t, allows for more stacking. 

Easy to stack

Stacked ice trays will not freeze together and fit in smaller freezers.Ideal for RVs and campers.And also save space in the home refrigerator to help you make perfect ice cubes. 

Very Versatile

Ice cube trays can be used for projects like frozening pet food,baby food,candle making, soap making, or other crafts. Suitable for bars, parties, and home use like cool whiskey, cocktails, juices etc

Innovative Lid Design


The silicone lid of ice tray provides protection from freezer odors and also holds water and other liquids in place. Resists absorption of other freezer odors. Child friendly

Silicone Safety Material

These 2 packs ice cube trays made of silicone which are certified, guarantee safety and durability, which can be used for adult & baby & pet food